NWAD will develop your mindsetknowledge, and skills in personal defense.  We offer various private classes: beginning introduction to firearms, concealed carry, and more.

We bring a diverse background that is focused on efficiently sharing information with our customers.  Our training is designed & refined to provided the best return for your time and money.

Si quiere classes en Español : info@nwadefense.com

What Our Students Say…

“I took a class with NWA Defense this past weekend and have to say, they were great! Very informative and the class content was delivered in such a way that it was actually something you wanted to listen to, not just an instructor droning on with boring material. I would definitely recommend NWA Defense if you are looking into taking your Concealed Carry class or are looking for other firearms related courses.”  – David

“I attended the conceal carry class today. AWESOME! I’m not a gun expert but this class made it all so understandable. The instructors were great! Lots of good experience to share.”  – Marcie

“Attended a class today with my wife Tiffany Good. Justin & Amanda taught the class, it was the most professional and informative concealed carry class that I’ve ever witnessed definitely would suggest to any of my friends highly satisfied and feel that my wife will both know the law and enforce it.”   – Josh


We do not conduct background checks.


  • $10 fee for refunds 7 or more days prior to class date.
  • 50% refund 6 days prior to class date.
  • No Refunds within 72 hrs of class date.
  • No Penalty for Rescheduling.
  • Credits & Vouchers subject to class minimum (5 students).