Concealed Handgun Carry License (CHCL)

We will cover the legal aspects of lethal force, AR state laws on concealed carry, and administer a skills test.  We provide everything you need including a pistol and ammo.

Enhanced Concealed Carry (E-CHCL)

  A enhanced carry permit will allow you to carry in places that are prohibited with a standard CHCL. Must pass a pistol qualification.

Introduction to Modern Firearms

This is a unique opportunity to get hands on time with many different firearms.  The class will introduce weapons that are commonly used by Military, Law Enforcement, Competitive Shooters, and Hunters.  This is not a cheap course, but everything will be provided for the student.  We will introduce and give hands on with Semi-Automatic Pistols, Revolver, Pump Shotgun, Semi-Auto Shotgun, AR-15, AK-47, Bolt action firearms.


Pistol • Shotgun • Rifle

We follow a “crawl, walk, run” model of instruction. We start with the fundamentals and build on that foundation. We believe in having many hands on opportunities. Our classes focus on using many hands on tools while we learn in the classroom and then moving into live fire as student building proficiency.