Will Concealed Carry Classes teach me how to shoot? – We will cover the fundamentals of shooting, but we feel strongly that is not enough training to be an effective operator of firearms.  This goes for the basic and enhanced.  We are very happy to work with students to build firearms skills, but the concealed carry courses are primarily classroom information mandated from the State.

Can I bring my own gun to a Basic Concealed Carry Class? – We use a class gun for safety and to streamline the process.  There is very little shooting in a basic course.  We use a suppressed .22 semi-automatic pistol.  It is very easy to operate for any age or skill level.

Where are you located? – We are in the West Fork area.

How hard it the Enhanced shooting test? – Most shooters with a solid mastery of the fundamentals will be able to pass the test.  If you are not confident please contact us prior to the course, we offer private shooting lessons.

We do not conduct background checks.

We may share information (name & email) to trusted industry partners in accordance with partnership agreements. 

Refund Policy:

• $10 fee for refunds 7 or more days prior to class date.
• 50% refund 6 days prior to class date.
• No Refunds within 72 hrs of class date.
• No Penalty for Rescheduling.
• Credits & Vouchers subject to class minimum (5 students).

Holsters: In our E-CHCL we prefer strong side inside or outside the waistband holsters. They need to be sturdy so that you can easier re-holster your weapon. Kydex or quality leather is recommended.  NO shoulder holster, cross-draw, or ankle holsters.  We strongly advise our students to avoid Blackhawk Serpa holsters for safety reasons.  If you have another type of holster please contact us.  For private training we are more flexible with holster types and positioning.