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Justin spent over 5 years in the Army stationed at Ft Bragg where he deployed overseas to both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Upon completion of active duty, Justin transitioned to DOD Civilian Security contracting and spent 2 years in Iraq.  Since returning from Iraq in 2010, Justin completed his BA and MA degrees in criminal justice and currently works full time in Law Enforcement. Throughout his career he has been in and out of the training field and is a Certified NRA Instructor, Law Enforcement Instructor, Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, and AR Concealed Carry Instructor (#16-1247).



Amanda has spent the past 7 years becoming more familiar in firearms and shooting. She is a member of the Well Armed Woman and has helped train and share with women the value of safety.  Amanda works full time in education and lived many years overseas so she will provide all of the courses in Spanish if needed. She is a Certified NRA Instructor and AR Concealed Carry Instructor (#16-1244).