Gun Owners Are Under Attack

Gun Owners Are Under Attack.

Please take some time today and do what you can.  
If you ONLY do one thing, please join the NRA &/or GOA.

Join the NRA, I know they are not perfect but they need support.
The stronger they are, the more effective they can be. 

YouTube has been beating up on gun channel in the last few months.  They have kicked into high gear last week.  Just today a popular channel received strikes against it’s private and unlisted videos.
Here is a quick video explaining what it going on:
They need our help: Like, Share, Subscribe.

Put your money where you mouth is !

I hear many people talking tough but spend more money supporting Starbucks than a pro-gun organization.  Do what you can, even if its just sending $20 to the NRA or another pro-gun group. Join their email list and follow them on social media.  Do Something.
Here is a list:
Take some time to like and follow them on social media.