Little Guns (Part 2)

A few months ago I posted an article about the place that “little guns” have.

I took some time and examined some various concealed carry options, specifically the weight of the pistol and ammo. This is especially significant when carrying on an ankle or in a pocket.

Pistol Details Empty Loaded
Glock 42 (380) 
Taren Tactical +1
Federal HST .380
14.15 oz 16.65 oz
S&W J Frame 638
38 Special
81 gr Fort Scott +P
14.5 oz 16.3 oz
S&W J Frame 340PD
357 / 38
Federal HST
11.8 oz 14.1 oz
Ruger LCR
8 shot 22lr
Federal Punch
Banta Boot Grip
14.4 oz 15.15 oz
S&W J Frame 43C
8 shot 22lr
Federal Punch
Crimson Trace Grip
11.5 oz 11.8 oz

Having carried all of these over the last year, I have learned a few things. First, 16oz is really the max. More than that you are going to notice the weight and it will start to affect your ankle and knee long term. Second, it is not simply a number game. The Glock 42 is super light and small, but the stubbies are rounded, smoother, and better suited for pocket carry. Third, once you get to the last couple of ounces the price can be more than double. It is not unlike cars or computers, to get that last 5-10% of extra performance, the price per pound or horsepower is exponentially more. The Glock 42 is online for $419, Ruger LCR $579, 43C $739, and  340PD $1,099. As you can see, those last ~3 ounces cost hundreds extra.

So it’s all about compromise. I would love to have the  sights of the G42, the weight of the 43C, and the trigger of the LCR, but alas, I don’t think that exists.

For many purposes the LCR or G42 would be an excellent choice.  I lean towards the LCR a lot, it carries very well and is cheap to shoot.