Enhanced Concealed Carry (E-CHCL)

We are now offering Enhanced Concealed Carry Training (E-CHCL) !

A Enhanced Permit, E-CHCL, requires a current CHCL. The Enhanced training is a 8 hour course (6 class + 2 shooting). It also serves as a permit renewal if you are within 12 months of expiration.

There is a 50 round qualification similar to law enforcement. It’s shot at 3, 7, & ¬†15 yards and requires 35/50 to qualify. You get 3 attempts.

The enhancement allows you to carry your firearm in areas that a standard permit holder are prohibited; for example: churches, bars, athletic events, and colleges.

Our next scheduled classes are Feb 17 & Mar 17 at 9am

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Contact Us with any questions: info@nwadefense.com