Open Carry Law Proposed

New Carry Bill Proposed in Arkansas

   Representative Chris Richey from Helena filed the bill on Tuesday to clarify Arkansas law.  He cited the confusion that the current law has caused. Long story short, it requires anyone who wants to carry, open or concealed, to acquire a permit.  The same training requirements for concealed carry would be applied to anyone that wants to carry a pistol.

This is not a move in the right direction (i.e. more liberty), but I would not be surprised if it, or a similar version, is passed.  The back and forth over our current law is something that upsets both sides of the argument which leads me to believe the legislature will feel a need to pass a law.

My Opinion

It should be no surprise to anyone, but to be clear on my stance I will share the following.  I believe that laws primarily effect the law-abiding.  We should have “constitutional carry” across this nation.  Yes, I have a position that will possibly take money out of my pocket, but liberty is more important.  I still feel strongly that responsible citizens should still seek out training on firearms and the law; and will need someone to provide that.  I would love to remove about an hour of the legal non-sense out of my class and do more shooting.

– Justin